I am always so healed when I leave here. Dr. Sherry is a miracle healer. Thank you!

Gretchen V, Cupertino

I had numerous visits with Dr. Chocholaty and found each visit quite helpful, informative, and professional as I dealt with a groin issue. I felt the Cold Laser treatments were beneficial for my injured groin, and felt improvement after only a couple of visits. I can understand why she is so busy all the time.

Gary C, San Jose

I had green boogers and a stuffy nose for two weeks! I went to see Dr. Sherry and now I am all better. Dr. Sherry is a miracle worker. She always makes me feel better.

Aiden M, Age 2

Dr. Sherry works miracles! That was the fastest recovery I’ve ever made and I love my new shoe inserts! My knees and hips don’t get tweeked. I stand up straighter and my legs feel more aligned and stable.

Cindy K, Sunnyvale

I have been to chiropractors for over 40 years. However, for the last two years, I have had a significant problem in my neck resulting in chronic pain and difficulty with driving my car. The two chiropractors I consulted (4 visits) were unable to assist me. I was referred to Dr. Chocholaty and, to be honest, was a little skeptical that she could help me when others were unable to. AFTER ONLY ONE TREATMENT my neck was fixed. The pain is gone and I have movement like I have not had for 2 years. She helped me more than anyone ever has before.

Karen W, Camarillo

I’ve been realizing the benefits of chiropractic care for over a decade. For example, I no longer rely on drugs for relief from allergy or sinus ailments and plantar fascitis. In fact, I no longer get annual sinus infections nor have any foot pain.

For over five years, I have been suffering from clenching and grinding my teeth which has resulted in numerous cracked teeth, almost daily severe headaches, memory and word loss, and often vertigo. My HMO, dentist and retired chiropractor could not offer any lasting remedies, only more pain medicines and a suggestion to go on a fluid diet. I met Dr Sherry days after I had all my wisdom teeth pulled. In less than ten days (three visits) with Dr Sherry, the pain associated with my clenching and grinding was significantly reduced by her hands-on healing; and, my mouth was basically healed from the extractions due to the cold laser treatment. To me, it was nothing less than a miracle. Needless to say, I have been seeing Dr Sherry ever since and consider her as my primary doctor.

Donna L, San Jose

Dr. Sherry Chocholaty has been instrumental in my recovery from an on-going sinus infection of nine months. Ultimately diagnosed as a cracked tooth with roots reaching the sinus wall, I was in an infinite loop of varied antibiotics. The cold laser treatments shrank the sinus membranes enough to allow me relief while going through the process of attaining an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Chocholaty embraced my frustrations with warmth and compassion and offered a reprieve from the pain and ultimately another data point for diagnosis. I appreciate her holistic approach and continue to seek treatment with her while recovering. My health (and yours) is in good hands with Dr. Sherry Chocholaty!

Mary, San Jose

I have been a patient of Chocholaty Chiropractic Center for over seven years. I even continued to see Dr. Sherry when I moved an hour away. The quality of care that I receive from her is worth the travel.

My daughters all see Dr. Sherry also. My youngest (age 5 years) jumps up on the table ahead of me every time.

Recently I injured my knee and was not sleeping well because of the pain. I had just one adjustment and laser treatment and slept well for the first night in a week.

S. McGrath, San Jose

The best chiropractic support and care that I have ever experienced.

Jennifer Sierra